The Good
Old Ways

Don Gambero was established in 2015, but in
few years it has inherited and successfully
passed on the long tradition of Sicily’s sailors
and fishermen.
In this story the main characters are real
people, who have always handed down the
tradition of an authentic, responsible model
of fishing.
The story of Don Gambero has many nuances,
but just one colour.

A Contemporary Tradition.

In the Land of the Red Prawn.

We are from Mazara del Vallo, a fishing village that embodies the identity of Sicily in a product which has, over time, become an icon of authentic flavour: the Mazara Red Prawn.
This is where we inherited this dish as a form of art to be protected and handed down to future generations.

Gambero Rosso di Mazara del Vallo
Mazara del Vallo
Tagliatella di Calamaro
We talk from the heart. About Mediterranean Sea.

The Sea
in our Blood

Don Gambero is not just Red Prawn:
We have more than 40 products to satisfy every need including 4 categories: Shellfish, Cephalopod Shellfish, Processed Foods and finally our strong point: Ready to Eat our range of products, already portioned, easy to use and packed in practical vacuum packs that allow you to avoid any waste.
A convenient and fast solution developed to respond to the demands of modern catering.

From the fisherman to the most formidable palates.


Many faces, a single objective: to maintain intact all the freshness of our seafood and deliver it to the best kitchens in Italy.
This is why we process our raw ingredients rapidly and avoid the use of rinsing and glazing.
We are the ideal partner for professionals in the sector.

Don Gambero - Prodotti Ittici per la ristorazione